05 Jun

In collaboration with the Curaçao Tourist Board, Porto Brasil has launched the Curaçao crockery collection. To showcase this beautiful new collection, photos were taken at six different restaurants across the island.

Each restaurant presented their signature dishes on the elegant plates, capturing the essence of Curaçao’s culinary delights.

The featured restaurants included Brisa do Mar, Harbor Hotel, Papagayo Beach Club, De Gouverneur, Saint Tropez, and PortoMari. These venues provided the perfect backdrop to highlight the exquisite design and vibrant colors of the Curaçao crockery.

WAVE7 Creatives was on hand to capture the marketing photos, ensuring every dish and plate looked picture-perfect. This collaboration between Porto Brasil, the Curaçao Tourist Board, and these restaurants truly brings the beauty and flavor of Curaçao to life. 

Click here to see more photos of this unique collection!

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